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Monday, January 12, 2015

How to easy make money as a teenager

1. Working for Yourself

Work for yourself. Treat it like a program or business. You can work by yourself, or you can start a mini-company by joining together with your friends. Yes, group work means splitting up the funds, but it also means you can get a lot of jobs done quickly and, more importantly, safely, which means you will also be able to go more places.
When working with your friends, divide the tasks fairly and equally (rotating if it keeps everyone happy), take your group around the neighborhood after school or on weekends, and offer to get various tasks done quickly for a set price.
A lot of people will turn away a lone teenager knocking at their door for fear that it will look suspicious. If they see that you’re working as a team, however, they’ll know you can get in and out quickly without concerning the neighbors.
If you are raising money toward a specific goal (ex. buying an instrument, being able to go on a school trip), let people know; they’ll be much more likely to buy stuff from someone with a purpose and may even give you extra.

2. Consider the basics

Babysit, walk dogs, wash cars, or even record videos and put them online, with the right partnership company, there is a lot of money in it. 

3. Shovel snow

Go to every house in a good sized neighborhood charging 10-20 dollars per driveway, or 30 dollars a week for shoveling the snow. (Charge extra when shoveling snow that has been driven on, which is packed down and very hard to remove.) Do this every time it snows. Someone may pay you in advance for a month if they know you, or if they like your work!

4. Do work around the house

5. Run errands for an elderly person

Get groceries, do heavy lifting, troubleshoot the computer, or do any other tasks they might have trouble with. Try to have a good relationship with the person; remember that they might be lonely and probably enjoy spending time around younger people such as friends. (It makes them feel younger.) The better they feel around you, the more they'll be likely to give you for your services.

6. Advertise your services

7. Work via YouTube

I hope you like it!
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